Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your roofers licensed and insured?
Yes. All of our roofers have the correct license and they are insured. They have guarantees in accordance with the materials which are utilized on your project, so that you should feel secure. It is best to give us a call to go over this further.

What exactly is a Roof Restoration?
This is basically the procedure for turning an ageing roof in to something resembling a new roof. However, it is far less expensive than replacing the previous roof. The procedure covers cleaning, re-pointing, repairing after which painting. It can also include structural repairs if required.

Just how long does a roof restoration take?
This will depend on the scale in the job. Generally, a roof will take less than 1 week, but small jobs can be completed in less than two days. There are sometimes issues that increase the timeline, for example materials needed, public holidays and accessibility job site.

When should I have my roof restored?
A good time to work upon it takes place when indications of wear become noticeable. Regular maintained greatly increases the lifespan of your roof.

Approximately how much does an inspection plus a quote cost?
A quote is provided for free and you will have no obligations following it.

How much does a roof restoration cost?
As each property will have different sized roofs, and different needs, we will need to inspect your roof. However, overall, a restoration will start from $24 and increase to $44 per square meter. Obviously, the size of the roof is the main factor here, plus the roof access and the materials needed.

Can you do roof restoration work in the rain?
No, because of safety and health reasons, this is not possible.

How do I know whether my roof should be restored or replaced?
An inspection is the best process to determine if your roof should be repaired or replaced. Older homes will benefit from having a roof replacement, as it can enhance the standard of the house. Our licensed specialists will give you advice following the inspection of the roof.

How do I begin?
The easiest way is always to call us today and set up a date to for your inspection and free quote. Once you are happy, we will prepare the materials and create a timeline for the process.